Touch ups

posted by Blaeringr on 3rd Jul 2012, 8:45 PM

I've been revising pages here and there. Fix a spelling mistake here, completely redo a page there. Some of the pages just really bugged me ever since first uploading them, and I think the new versions of those I have changed are a big improvement.

My First Webcomic

posted by Blaeringr on 6th Apr 2012, 4:11 PM

Happy to be working with sawyerLUVSyou on this project.

I've had plenty of comic ideas over the years, and toyed with the idea of publishing a comic online. Why haven't I? I keep running into the fact that I'm really not a writer. Taking a good idea and conveying it to others legibly is something I struggle with. The longer the story gets, the worse, and more scatter brained my writing gets.

Just to give you an idea, when I was in high school, one of my English teachers actually changed the curriculum for my sake. After grading my second essay of the year, he asked me to stay after class and talk to him. So I did. He asked me what I had been doing to improve my writing so much - I'd gone from a 60% on the first essay of the year, to 100% a couple weeks later. He was amazed at the progress. Obviously I hadn't cheated, as the 60% essay was a take home assignment and the 100% was in-class, in front of him. So what the heck had happened in those two weeks? I told him the issue was focus. When you force me to sit down and write it all at once, I keep focussed on the same ideas, so it tends to make more sense. But when you let me take it home and slowly work on it over the course of days or even weeks, I'm thinking about different things for each paragraph I write, and sometimes even for each sentence. So, he said right then and there that he was changing the rest of the year: no more take home essays. When my friends found out I was the one who had casued that change, they were kinda bitter towards me. They got even more bitter as I aced every essay for the rest of the year.

Anyways, that's me: scatterbrained and all over the place.

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